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Sardines/Beef/Bison/Fruit & Veg

85% Beef-Bison 10% wild Portugal Sardines 5% Fermented Fruit & Veg

Approximate ratios: 10% whole wild caught sardines from Portugal 75-80% muscle meat 10%-15% beef/bison organ (heart, tongue, kidney, liver <2% bone from sardines 5% fermented fruit & veggie pulp including kale, spinach, alfalfa, bok choy, beets, carrots, celery, cucumber, pears, apples, and blueberries

| Grass/Alfalfa Fed | Free Range | Human Grade Meat |

| Hormone, Antibiotic, Preservative Free |

Sardines/Beef/Bison/Fruit & Veg

Real Raw Reasonable arrives on a biweekly basis, please see Real Raw Reasonable page for next order arrival date
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