Dogs require about 2-3% of their adult body weight. Each dog has a different metabolism and as such has their own diet requirements. The simplest way to start raw is to begin with 3% of their body weight and observe your dog’s weight, adjust the amount as needed. Puppies requirements are determined by the age of your puppy. Please see both adult and puppy feed guides below to help determine daily portion requirements.


There are several different ratios of food available from Courtlyn Custom. The biologically appropriate ratio for dogs and cats is 80/10/10 and is a great place to start when feeding raw. It is important to keep in mind that not every dog is the same and some dogs will benefit from the addition of fruits & vegetables. This can easily be added by feeding Courtlyn Custom Fruit & Veggie blends 60/10/30 and 70/30 to your dogs.


  • Smaller Lower Odor Poop - a raw diet reduces the volume, frequency, and odor of your dog’s stool. The stool is small and firm and is a lightish brown to white in color.

  • Healthier Skin & Coat - many dogs experience dry skin/coat while on a dry kibble based diet due to lack of hydration. A raw diet has a naturally high moisture content; with this increased internal hydration your dog is able to flush out toxins in their body more effectively, preserve bladder and kidney health, and helps promote healthy digestion. All these improvements in system functions will lead to a shiny coat, less shedding, and hydrate skin and coat.

  • Dental Health - raw meat contains enzymes that are destroyed through cooking. These enzymes help prevent plaque and tartar build up. Though this does not eliminate the need for other dental care it helps contribute to prevent bacteria build up in your dog's mouth.


If your dog does not have any dietary restrictions or allergies it is recommended that 80% of their diet comes from red meat sources (venison, bison, beef, pork, duck, kangaroo, rabbit, etc.) the remaining portion should be made up of fish, fowl, etc. Each protein source offers different nutrition, feeding a wide variety of protein sources is highly recommended and contributes to a well balanced diet for your dog.


Courtlyn products are made pure with only the proteins listed in the ingredients and therefore do not have supplements added to the food. Supplements can be a great addition to your pets diet and can be catered to your pets specific needs. Some of our frequently used supplements are probiotics, omega 3&6, vitamin e, greens and kelp.

Probiotics: goats milk, kefir, tripe, and adored beast probiotics are our go to sources

Omega 3 & 6: quail eggs, Courtlyn fish products (cod, salmon, tuna), pollock oil, and green lipped mussel powder

Our favourite supplement line is by Dr. Peter Dobias and our go to products are GreenMin and SoulFood

Common Raw Feeding Myths

There is a lot of misinformation circulating in regards to raw feeding. One very common myth is that feeding both raw and kibble together is bad for your dog. There are several theories on why it is bad including different digestion rates, ​kibble causing a higher stomach ph, and dogs being more susceptible to bacteria because of this more neutral stomach ph (such as salmonella which requires a pH of 4 or higher to survive). Many studies have been done on the pH of a kibble fed dogs stomach and all of these studies concluded that the average stomach pH of a dog is 2.0. When the digestive process begins the stomach pH decreases below 2.0 creating a more acidic environment for the food to digest. As the digestive process continues the stomach pH will increase to become more neutral before the food enters the small intestine.  To date there are little to no studies directly comparing the stomach pH of kibble fed versus raw fed dogs. Regardless of this lack of information we know the stomach pH of a dog from previous studies is 2.0 meaning these bacteria are still destroyed in the digestive process. Kibble and raw food are digested at different rates but this is not a bad thing. Digestion is not like a traffic jam, a healthy digestive system is able to handle foods that digest at different rates. Meat and bone also digest at different rates and all raw pet food diets include both meat and bone.

Health & Safety

  • Always wash your hands, pet bowls and work surfaces immediately after handling food

  • Thaw raw food in the fridge only, do not thaw in the microwave or in water

  • Once thawed raw food is safe in the fridge for 2-3 days