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Shop Raw Pet Food

We have fed our pets raw food for 14 years. Once we started feeding more animals, we began to look for other options outside of foods available in stores. This search lead us to find two different distributors that offer quality raw pet food at a more affordable price. We carry two different brands of dog food, Real Raw Reasonable and Courtlyn Custom Dog Food.

Real Raw Reasonable has been making raw food for over 30 years. It is made in Davidson, SK using fresh, high quality, human grade meat sourced from inspected facilities. All the beef and bison used in their food is grass fed, and all the goat milk and kefir are produced right on their farm. Their food is a coarse grind and contains only non-weight bearing bones to help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Courtlyn Custom Dog Food is made in Andrew, AB using human grade meat that is sourced from inspected facilities. All the suppliers they use for their dog food are the same suppliers they use for the meat their family consumes. Their product line includes a wide variety of proteins in multiple fine grind options including single ingredient, tripes, blends, and whole products such as bones and parts.

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