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  • How does ordering work?
    We distribute primarily on a pre-order basis but do have in stock items available as well. The pre-order items will arrive to us on the next delivery date that is indicated in green at the top of the page. Once it arrives to us we get it out for delivery within a few days or you can pick up right from us the day it comes in. In stock items are available for pick up typically on the same day or by delivery on the next scheduled delivery in your area, usually 1-2 weeks. For pre-order items: your order will arrive to us on the next order arrival date provided on our shop page. We will contact you a few days ahead of order arrival to schedule a pick up or a delivery. For in stock orders: we will contact you in 24-48 hours following order. For pick up we can have it ready to go the same day, please text us directly to arrange a same day pick up 780-266-6365. For in stock item delivery we will schedule a delivery when we are in your area next, usually 1-2 weeks depending on your area. *please note all items with IN STOCK in the product name are in stock at this time. Anything without is a pre-order item*
  • Who is Courtlyn Custom Dog Food?
    Courtlyn Custom Dog Food is a home-based business owned by Jodie Calfat, a certified raw food pet nutritionist, and Matt Calfat. Based in Andrew, Alberta, Courtlyn Custom Dog Food is sold by veterinarians, kennels, breeders, and animal enthusiasts in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.
  • When are order deadline and arrival dates for pre-order products?
    Click on the link below for 2021 order deadline dates and order arrival dates. Orders must be placed by 11:59:59pm on the cutoff day. Orders placed after that time will be included in the next order. Click here to see order delivery schedule
  • How long does it take the food to come in after order is placed?
    If an item says it is In Stock, this item is currently in stock and available immediately for pickup. If an item says it is pre-order, it is not currently in stock and may take up to sixteen days to arrive. To see next order deadline date and delivery date please click the link below. Click here to see order delivery schedule
  • What type of raw should I order?
    It is the general consensus that dogs need 80% of their meals to come from red meat sources. This would be any ruminant animals (venison, cattle, bison, elk, moose, etc) but also includes duck, pork, kangaroo, and rabbit. The remaining balance of the meals can be made up of fish, fowl, etc. For further raw feeding tips click here
  • How much do I feed my dog?
    It is advisable to begin with 2-3% of your dog’s ideal healthy weight. So if your dog weighs 50 lbs when in optimal body condition, you would feed 1-1.5lbs per day. You can split that ration into however many meals you wish to feed throughout the day, but that is the total amount you will feed each day. ( Your dogs optimal weight x 0.02 or 0.03 = the weight of raw food you should feed) For further tips on feeding raw and to view our feed guide for adults and puppies click here
  • What do the numbers in the product names mean?
    The numbers in the product names refer to the percentage of the blend that is flesh, bone, organ, fruit and vegetables, etc. 80/10/10 means the product is 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ 60/10/30 means the product is 60% meat, 10% organ, and 30% fruit and vegetable 70/30 means the product is 70% meat and 30% fruit and vegetable 33/33/33 means the product is 33% meat, 33% tripe, and 33% organ 40/40/10/10 means the product is 40% meat A, 40% meat B, 10% bone, and 10% organ
  • What does it mean when a product is "in stock" or "pre-order"?"
    We keep a selection of popular items on hand for immediate pickup, all in stock items are listed under in stock on the shop raw page. If an item is marked "pre-order", this product will be added to the next order and will arrive with the next order delivery.
  • How do I cut the frozen raw food in to portions?
    Store the food in the fridge overnight and cut it into rations the next morning. This way it will be still frozen enough to hold its shape and far less messy to handle.
  • How do I store raw food?
    It is important to keep the raw food frozen until thawing shortly before feeding. Raw food is good in the fridge for up to 3 days once thawed.
  • My area is not listed as a delivery area, will you still deliver raw food to me?"
    If your area is not listed as a delivery area and there are no Courtlyn Custom distributor assigned to your area we will be able to deliver to you. Please complete a contact form to inquire about delivery to your area. To see Courtlyn Custom distributors in other areas click here.

If you have further questions about our farm or raw pet food please feel free to submit a contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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