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Livestock Guardian Dogs

The Karakachan is a livestock guardian dog breed that originated in Bulgaria with the ancient Thracians. The breed was utilized by nomadic sheperds to protect their flock from wolves in the Bulgarian mountains. The breed flourished for centuries in this role until the Bulgarian Communist Government nationalized the farming industry. This lead to livestock being placed in communal farms and Karakachans no longer being needed to protect the livestock. The government then ordered the extermination of the Karakachan dogs which almost lead the breed to extinction.

Through the dedication of several special people in Bulgaria and around the world, the population has grown steadily to approximately 700 world wide. There are only about 200 Karakachans in the United States and even less in Canada. Due to their low population numbers, they are a very rare livestock guardian breed. They are known to bond quickly with livestock which makes them less inclined to wander. They are extremely loyal to their owners and more wary of strangers than other LGD breeds. This makes them a great guard dog for not only livestock but their owners property too. All these qualities combined with endurance, dedication, and willingness to work make them a fantastic protector.

Under construction - more coming soon.

We have Karakachan puppies available as of August 2023. Please contact us for details.

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